From job interviews at software giants like Google to earning that huge prize money at the Tech fest, coding competitions are everywhere. Rather than a fun to do, it has become an essential gateway to pass in most job application processes. It is also a quantitative way to measure how one is doing in the computer science foundations and have some fun along the way. Cracking them requires Knowledge, Experience and sometimes even hacks.🤓

What is Coderine?

Coderine is Pehia's Annual Online Coding Competition. Every Friday, we post a collection of simple to hard questions on HackerRank for our online sisterhood to solve. The CoderQueen is announced the next Thursday!

Started by Akshatha Nayak and Sharoan in 2017, it has come a long way. We went on to take Algorithm Classes through 'Big Oh' by Anusree S. Haseesna took an amazing session on Coding Competition Tips and Guidelines in the offline meetup of Coderine in November 2019 . What comes next? Stay tuned!

Check out past events here.

Results So Far

Enagement is the metric we think best fits to measure how well we do here.