Codethon 2017-18

Codethon 2017 was the first of Pehia's online Coding Challenges. Noting that women in the community do not participate much in online challenges which are one of the most engaging ways to improve their skills, Codethon was found necessary. Noting that women refrain from participating because they assume that these challenges are hard or the popular ones are not beginner friendly*, we decided to host a few easy challenges on HackerRank.

Week after week, we competed with each other and the winner was announced. The program helped many to start and familiarize themselves with such platforms and instilled an interest in competitive programming.

*Not all women, but most in our community at the time of the event


Testimonials from Winners

"Chithra Parameshwaran

-Anusree S

WTM Scholar 2018

-Arya R Shankar

WTM Scholar 2018

-Shubha Lohani